East-Helsinki hockey is a junior icehockey team. There are together over 600 junior player of which about 100 girls and the rest 500 are boys. We have 13 junior age classes; girls 2 and boys 10. Youngest boys and girls born 1999, oldest boys are born 1984, girls 1982.

Our teams have approximately 50 coaches and they are trained by Finnish Icehockey Association. East-Helsinki Hockey is a member of the Finnish Icehockey Association.

When you visit Helsinki and you would like to play icehockey with us, please just contact us. We are willing to act as your host and will also arrange all kind of amusements to your team.

Society Manager Mr. Mika Herranen
Office Add. Talttakuja 6, FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland
Phone GSM +358 (0)400 815369
E-mail: ita-helsinginkiekko@kolumbus.fi